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App Files[edit]

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See the sample files page for example templates.

Sample Files: AI-Watchdog-Assistant

App Description[edit]

App Use Case: Watchdog Assistant is designed to streamline your information gathering process. It eliminates the need to manually check websites for updates by continuously monitoring your chosen online destinations. This AI-powered assistant scours the web, mining data for new information that aligns with your specific criteria (keywords, dates, categories). Whether you're keeping tabs on industry trends, tracking regulatory changes, or monitoring competitor activity, Watchdog Assistant ensures you stay informed and ahead of the curve.

App Functionality: Watchdog Assistant utilizes intelligent algorithms to extract relevant data from websites you specify. These algorithms analyze content based on your predefined criteria, filtering out irrelevant information and focusing only on what matters to you. Once it identifies a new piece of information that matches your set parameters, Watchdog Assistant goes a step further. It automatically generates concise summaries, condensing the information into easily digestible chunks. This allows you to quickly grasp the key points without having to wade through lengthy documents.

Key Features:

Automated Data Mining: Watchdog Assistant tirelessly hunts for new information across the web, eliminating the need for manual monitoring. Customizable Criteria: Define your search by specifying keywords, dates, and categories to ensure you receive only the updates relevant to your needs. Intelligent Summarization: Get clear and concise summaries of new information, allowing you to quickly understand the content and take action. 24/7 Monitoring & Notification: Watchdog Assistant works tirelessly around the clock, notifying you instantly via email whenever new, relevant information is discovered. Email Delivery with Summaries Attached: Receive summaries directly in your inbox with the original information attached for further reference.

By automating information gathering and delivering actionable insights, Watchdog Assistant empowers you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions faster.