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App Files[edit]

Application executable: Media:

See the sample files page for example templates.

Sample Files: AI-Document-Assistant

App Description[edit]

App Use Case: The AI-Document-Assistant reads a given PDF document, organizes the information, and accepts any questions or inquiries regarding the document from the user. This AI Assistant app helps with research and literature review by giving quick answers from the document provided and according to the context provided. The questions and answers are shown on screen and saved in a Word document for easy reference.

App Functionality: The Document Assistant app accepts a settings file that sets context and instructions to customize the analysis, and lets the user choose the document and enter any questions or inquires regarding the document. It reads and organizes the document, showing the info on the screen and saving it to a Word document.

Diagram outlining the processing steps of the Document Assistant:

The app creates a Word document with the input and requested information.