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App Files

Application executable: Media:

Reference file: Media: openFDA device_search_fields.xlsx

See the sample files page for example settings and reports.

Sample Files: AI-Analysis-Assistant

App Description

App Use Case: The AI-Analysis-Assistant app is a powerful tool designed to enhance decision-making and productivity by leveraging artificial intelligence and data mining of vast amounts of data, specifically focused on adverse events (MAUDE: Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience). It supports a wide range of data analysis tasks using natural language and includes highly extensible options for analyzing unstructured data. From summarizing data analytics and trends to uncovering hidden patterns and insights, to simulating what-if scenarios with objective data-driven results, the Analysis-Assistant app enables users to consider multiple factors, analyze vast amounts of data efficiently, and make well-informed, bias-free decisions.

App Functionality: The AI-Analysis-Assistant app reads a Settings file that contains criteria for adverse events and pulls the up to date matching records from MAUDE. The unstructured data is then chunked to optimize semantic vector processing adopting a retrieval augmented generation approach. The model then performs the data analysis prompts given in the Settings file on the data chunked data and injects the results in a predefined report template.

Diagram outlining the processing steps of the Analysis Assistant:

A PDF document is generated containing the analysis results.